Joe Frary, age 47, Aurora

Vitamin D deficiency (sleep disorder)

"It used to take me longer to get to sleep and I slept lightly," Joe Frary says. "Anything would wake me up." This left Frary, a software engineer, feeling sluggish during the day and it created stress at work.

A blood test indicated that Frary had vitamin D deficiency. At the suggestion of The Care Group's Dr. Gerard Guillory, Frary began taking sublingual vitamin D drops. He soon noticed significant, positive changes in his sleep patterns. "After I started taking the vitamin D, I slept through the night for the first time," he says. "I felt better during the day. I think I have been more productive at work. And I have been less stressed at work about what needs to get done and what doesn't need to get done."

Frary had been taking statins as well - prescription medications designed to lower cholesterol. Like many people who take statins, Frary found the side-effects unpleasant. "My lower back - below the ribs and down - ached all the time," he says. At the suggestion of Dr. Guillory, Frary discontinued the statins and began taking high-quality fish oil and a niacin supplement. "I haven't had those body aches lately," he says. "I'm not taking statins at all. It feels better taking vitamins and fish oil."