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Make the most of your office visit

One of the most important things you can do is to make the most time you spend with your doctor.

A few suggestions: 

If you're a new patient, check out your doctor's Website, which should include forms you will need to bring on your first visit.
Fill them out at home and bring them with you.

If your doctor doesn't have a Website and hasn't sent you any forms to fill out, visit our Website at and review the forms we provide to new patients. 
Feel free to fill these out and take them to your doctor, who probably will ask for the same information.

Some other suggestions: 

• Before you call for the appointment, list and prioritize the issues you hope to address. 
When you make the call, mention all the reasons for the visit. This will help the staff allocate an appropriate amount of time for your visit.

• Make a list of your medical conditions and your mediactions (and doses). Also make a list of any vitamins and supplements you take.

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