• Inflammation - the good and the bad
    Some inflammation is necessary to stay healthy.  For example, when you get a cut, white blood cells rush to the area of the cut resulting in swelling, redness and heat.  These are all necessary responses for healing to occur.  It is the low-grade, systemic inflammation that can be problematic.   Chronic inflammation leads to an over-reactive immune system, silently damaging our tissues, causing rapid aging and ultimately chronic health conditions.  Some of the chronic health conditions that can result from low-grade systemic inflammation include:  asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, heart, disease,disgestive symptoms cancer, Alzheimer's, and depression.  

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Dr. Gerard Guillory is a board certified internal medicine specialist who has been practicing in Aurora, Colorado since 1985.  He is a nationally recognized speaker and writer on irritable bowel syndrome.  He strongly believes, as Hippocrates stated some 2000 years ago, that “all disease begins in the gut”.


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  • Dr. Guillory has been¬†practicing¬†Internal Medicine since 1985.
  • Supplements instead of pharmaceuticals when possible.
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Sensitivity to monosodium glutamate and aspartame (abdominal pains, bloating)

For 15 years, Neil Wiese regularly experienced abdominal pains and bloating that lasted all day, nearly every day.

"I went through many, many doctors," Wiese says. "I even went as far as the Mayo Clinic. Nobody could figure out what it was."

In 2004, he attended a seminar by Dr. Guillory and, afterward, went to visit the doctor. After conducting tests and ruling out a number of potential causes, Dr. Guillory focused on the possibility that Wiese's digestive problems were related to monosodium glutamate (MSG), a widely used food additive.

Dr. Guillory recommended that Wiese avoid foods containing MSG. In addition, he recommended that Wiese steer clear of the artificial sweetener aspartame as well as high fructose corn syrup, also used as a sweetener.

"I went on the diet and watched everything I ate," Wiese says. "I also kept a diary. And in the course of a month or so, I was better. I have slowly continued getting better for the last couple of years. My life has changed dramatically. It's a miracle for me."

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